Fruit and Food processing industries has ample scope in the state of West Bengal considering strong raw materials resource base and skilled human resources. This would help in utilizing the raw materials and generate opportunity of employment.. Fruits are an important source of energy for human beings but they are perishable items. Various products are made from juice of fruits so that they can be consumed during off season. Products like jam, jelly, squash etc. are made from fruits since long. The location of this activity could be many centers of India including West Bengal as number of tropical fruits like guava, pineapple, oranges, lichis etc are grown in the state in substantial quantities.

West Bengal has a intrinsic strength due to its geographical position and congenial agro-climate condition, soil structure, availability of water etc. These have placed the state in leading line in the production of fruit and vegetables, cereals and pulses, milk, fish and meat in substantial quantity.

Horticulture is one of the main agricultural practices in a nation. It refers to the process of cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental/medicinal plants etc. Innumerable business opportunities exist in the horticulture sector.

Floriculture becomes the blooming sector of India. It has emerged as an economically viable diversification option in Indian agribusiness.

Building Infrastructure & Kishan Mandi, being special markets, is visualized to help the farmers of the state to transport, store and sell their produce at the right price.

Chasi Mela is aiming to cater information on various farm machinery/equipments, inputs of various leading manufacturers and would also provide information about rural credit for agriculture through presence of banks including co-operative institutions.

Export in the fields of food and fruit processing, horticulture, floriculture, agricultural inputs etc. are under active consideration of the corporation.

West Bengal has a large potential of marketing because of strategic advantage of its position having international borders with Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. The state also shares its borders with the states of Assam, Bihar, Orissa and Sikkim and is a link to the North-Eastern part of the country. Moreover, Kolkata, the state capital, is the gateway to the South-East Asian Countries. Because of this factor, the state enjoys a large potential for export of various food products particularly, fruits, vegetables etc to the different parts of the world and South-East Asian Countries.

WBAIC, being a agro based company, has a strategic vision in doing business/works/mela in these sectors in future years.